Trial for healthy post-menopausal women.  Get £1,965 for your time!
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We are carrying out a clinical trial with an investigational drug which is being developed to treat and prevent pre-term delivery in pregnant women.

The results from this clinical trial will help us plan for future clinical trials and develop treatments for pre-term delivery in pregnant women.

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Study info
This study will be carried out at our clinical trials unit at Croydon University Hospital in South London. The study will take approximately 44 days to complete. You will be required to attend a screening visit(s) within 21 days prior to entering the study. The treatment period lasts for 24 days overall and consists of an in-house stay of 12 days/11 nights and return to the unit for 4 outpatient visits on days 12, 13, 14, 15 and a final follow-up visit 14 days after the last dose.

See below for study dates.

Study dates
Friday 9th December- Monday 12th December
Admission: 13th December- Saturday 24th December
Outpatient visits/ follow ups: 5 short visits

Volunteer requirements
You can take part in the study if you meet the following criteria:

  • Female volunteers aged between 50 and 65 (inclusive)
  • You must have been menopausal (i.e. no menstrual cycles) for at least 12 months, without an alternative medical cause.
  • You are not taking hormone replacement therapy (HRT). This ‘wash-out period’ from previous HRT is at least 4 weeks (for oral, transdermal or vaginal therapy) or 6 months (for sex hormone depot injections).
  • You must be a non-smoker or smoke less than or equal to five cigarettes (or use an equivalent amount of tobacco) per day and be willing not to smoke whilst resident in the clinical unit.
  • You must weigh over (or equal to) 50kg and have a Body Mass Index (BMI) within the range of 18 and 32 kg/m2(inclusive)
  • You must be healthy with no significant illness or medical conditions and not be taking any regular medication
  • You must not test positive for drug or alcohol abuse (classed as a regular weekly intake of over 14 units), hepatitis B/C or HIV
  • You must not have donated blood within 90 days

Study Payment
In recognition of the time involved in taking part in this trial, volunteers will receive £1,965. This amount is based on the anticipated study plan and will be adjusted pro-rata (i.e. same amount of money paid per unit of time). You must comply fully with all the study requirements.

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This advertisement has been approved by an ethics committee and any response to this advert will be recorded but you will not be under any obligation to participate in the trial.
The contents of this advert have been approved by an ethics committee. Any response to this advertisement will be recorded.  Your response will not place you under any obligation to participate in this trial.