Volunteer for blood donations

This blood will be used for medical research purposes. The blood is used to develop and modify laboratory methods in the development of new medicines.

Register your interest in this clinical trial

Email: volunteer@richmondpharmacology.com

Volunteer requirements

  •  You must be aged between 18-64
  •  You must be fit and healthy with normal blood pressure and heart rate
  •  Weigh no less than 50kg
  •  You must have NO prior or ongoing medical conditions
  •  You must not be taking any medications
  •  You must not have donated blood in the last 4 months
  •  You must not have taken any recreational drugs in the last 6 weeks (including cannabis, speed, ecstasy, cocaine, LSD etc).
  •  Female volunteers will not be able to donate during or for 5 days after your period

A list of other exclusion criteria will be applied by the Research Doctor to assess your eligibility for the study.

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Call our team for more information: +44 (0) 20 7042 5800    
We are open weekdays 9am-5pm
or email us: volunteer@richmondpharmacology.com

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