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Register with us today and if you are eligible to take part in a trial you will:

  • have a complete medical check up
  • have the opportunity to meet other like minded volunteers
  • have the chance to relax in our entertaining facilities
  • get paid for your time

If you would like to take part in a clinical trial at Richmond Pharmacology you can register online.


To register select the link below. Please fill in your contact details and other information about you which will help us determine which trials you are suitable for.


By registering you are not making a commitment, but simply expressing an interest to find out more. We will then contact you to find out a few more details about you and your health, and invite you in to see us.


There are two different ways to register online:


The quick one


We take only a few details. (less than two minutes to register your interest) Register now!


The detailed one


We take more comprehensive details. Register now!


Registration process

1. You register your interest via phone or email

2. The registration team will call you to find out more about your health

3. You decide if you are interested

4. We invite you in for a full medical check and confirm if you are eligible to take part

5. The trial commences

6. Get paid up to £100 per day for participation!


We do not accept registrations from third parties



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See info about ongoing trials at
St George's and Croydon Hospitals

Recommend a friend and you
could earn between £90 - £350
Give blood for up to £100

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