Response to COVID-19 for volunteers

At Richmond Pharmacology, we care about the safety of our research participants, sponsors, and staff.

We are proud that we are a forerunner amongst Clinical Research Organisations, illustrated by the rapid introduction of increased safety measures at our London Bridge Unit, several weeks ahead of the wider community.


All our volunteers will be tested for COVID-19 each time they visit the unit. The following tests are being conducted to demonstrate whether someone currently has or has had the virus.

Anyone testing positive for either test is notified immediately. Positive cases are also being reported to Public Health England as part of our legal responsibility.

Additional safety measures

Since January 2020, we have also implemented a variety of safety measures incorporated into our COVID-19 infection control guidelines. This helps to reduce the risk of active carriers of the virus gaining entry to the clinical trial unit.

These measures have been very effective. All participants attending the unit for short to longer-term stays (up to 22 days) have remained negative for COVID-19.

We continue to improve the measures we have already introduced. Your safety and the safety of our sponsors and staff is of the utmost importance to us as we conduct trials of future medicines.

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