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Patients with epilepsy have the promise of new treatment options with positive clinical trial results from Xenon Pharmaceuticals.

Epilepsy currently effects 600,000 adults in the UK with 87 people diagnosed every day*. It is a serious neurological condition which is caused by sudden bursts of electrical activity in the cerebral lobes preventing messages being transmitted correctly. Focal epilepsy, or partial seizures, begin on one side of the brain.

Richmond Pharmacology’s research partner Xenon Pharmaceuticals is developing a differentiated Kv7 potassium channel modulator – XEN1101 – which demonstrates significant, does dependent reduction is monthly focal seizures when compared to a placebo.

Richmond Pharmacology was a key research partner during Phase I development, including first in human (FIH) studies, held at our London Bridge unit. The studies were conducted in collaboration with investigators at King’s College using transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) technics. We have continued to follow XEN1101’s progression through its subsequent clinical development. The results suggest the new medicine could play an important role in treating the condition.

*Source: www.epilepsy.org.uk

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