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Duration of stay
This will involve one in-house stay of 23 days / 22 nights and 1 follow-up visit
London Bridge
Smoking Restrictions
Trial Code
(C18024) Part B MAD
Paid on completion of the study.
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Clinical trial summary

This study will involve you staying with us for a few days at a time at our private medical facility in London Bridge. You must be a healthy Caucasian male.

  • A screening appointment
  • If successful, 1 in-house stay of 23 days / 22 nights
  • 1 follow-up visit
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Who can take part?

We will check your suitability for the clinical trial using the following criteria:-

  • You are a healthy Caucasian male aged 18 to 45.
  • You have a body mass index within the range of 18.5 to 25.0 kg/m2.
  • You must not test positive for alcohol or drugs or show any evidence of drug or alcohol abuse (Alcohol abuse is defined as a regular weekly intake of more than 14 units).
  • You must not consume tobacco in any form (e.g. smoking or chewing) or other nicotine-containing products (e.g. gum, patch, electronic cigarettes) three months before you receive the study drug.
  • You must be willing to use appropriate contraception, starting from the first day of dosing until the end of study visit.
  • You must agree not to donate sperm from the time of first study drug administration until three months after the last study drug administration.
  • You must not have any medical, religious or ethical objections to alcohol consumption.

A full list of acceptable contraceptive methods will be discussed in full by a member of the recruitment team and a study doctor during screening.

Clinical trial payment

In recognition of the time involved in taking part in this study, you will receive £4472 (£3472 study payment and £1,000 bonus) on completion of the study, provided you comply fully with all the study requirements. This amount is based on the anticipated study plan and will be adjusted pro-rata (i.e. same amount of money paid per unit of time), should we invite you to attend extra visits.

Clinical trial dates

Admission: September dates to be confirmed

Follow-up visit(s): dates to be confirmed

You may be required to remain resident in the unit until resolution of any safety issues, after which you will be discharged from the unit.

The contents of this email have been approved by an ethics committee. Any response to this advertisement will be recorded. Your response will not place you under any obligation to participate in this trial.

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If you would like to speak to a member of our Volunteer Recruitment Team, call us on 0800 085 6464
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Hear from some of our previous volunteers

“It’s like being part of a huge family gathering at Trials4us - even the cousin you don’t know very well goes out of their way to make you feel comfortable! Super professional as well as personable. 10/10”

Jonjo - November 2021

“Trials4us has been very informative and answered all of my questions and queries. The care has also been great, I have not had to worry, all the information has been very clear. They are very helpful and respond quickly”

Alex - June 2021

''I would like to thank Dr James Mitchell for always taking the time to answer any questions I have, no matter how small they are. He is very informed about my condition which is a novelty for me as my condition is very rare. His understanding has been a major influence in my participation of the trial''

James - December 2020

''I'm honestly very pleased with my experience with Trials4us. They were very helpful, and transparent about every step. I would definitely recommend them. 10/10 experience. Daniel and Omari, were especially nice and helpful. Thank you''

Mohamed - June 2020

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