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Healthy females aged 18 to 45 C16042...

NEW clinical trial for healthy females aged between 18 and 45. Get paid for your time! Register you interest in this clinical trial! Dates to be confirmed. We are carrying out a clinical trial with ...

Healthy Caucasian males aged 20 to 40 C17011 [Part...

NEW clinical trial for healthy Caucasian males aged between 20 and 40. Non-smokers. Get £3,240 for your time! Screening available now! Trial starts 28th June. We are carrying out paid clinical trial...

Healthy volunteers wanted for clinical trials...

Help us improve current treatments available to patients Email: volunteer@richmondpharmacology.com Volunteer requirements Healthy males & females volunteers aged 18-65 (inclusive) You must have...

Volunteer for blood donations

Volunteer for blood donations (limited spaces) Current blood donation dates: Admission dates Donation dates Tuesday 4th July 2017 Wednesday 5th July 2017 Wednesday 19th July 2017 Thursday 20th July 20...

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