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Reviews & Feedback

Feedback and reviews from some of our volunteers

Helen – January 2019
"My experience at Richmond Pharmacology was extraordinary and life enriching. My fellow volunteers were friendly, supportive, encouraging and entertaining. The front line staff were skilled, wonderful people - always friendly and kind, even when they were working at full pelt they never appeared frustrated just efficient. I cannot speak highly enough of them and the whole experience- I would do this again at a drop of a hat... "
Mihaela – January 2019
"This is my firs trial (ever) and I must say the experience was, so far, excellent. The team is very professional, friendly and helpful, providing all the answers and explanations needed . I recommend Richmond Pharmacology to anyone willing to take part in a trial study! "
David – February 2019
"Everything in the clinic is excellent; staff, services, Conditions. The staff are super friendly, professional. Overall quite satisfied with the experience and will definitely repeat"

BBC Breakfast News feat. Richmond Pharmacology

BBC Breakfast News talks to Richmond and its volunteers about the risks and appeal of participating in medicine trials on the BBC Breakfast News show, featured Tuesday 22 May 2012.

Volunteer John Radcliff* was due to take part in a clinical trial with Richmond Pharmacology. A routine check up with one of our doctors showed that he had suffered from a silent heart attack in the days prior to him starting a clinical trial and he didn't even know!

Thanks to the thorough checks made by our doctors, and the swiftness of the A&E department of the Croydon Hospital, the potential volunteer received fast treatment and was back home within a week to recover.

"I went to Richmond Pharmacology on the Saturday as I was due to take part in one of the trials for the elderly.

As one last check before I was finally to be included on the study Dr Lin of Richmond Pharmacology took a blood test and ran an ECG (to check my heart). Dr Lin spotted immediately that something was not right on the ECG. He consulted with the Cardiology department and took me to the A&E department of the hospital straight away. Luckily this is only down the corridor from Richmond's Clinical Trials Unit at Croydon Hospital

The doctors in the A&E department confirmed that I had suffered a silent heart attack between the day of screening and the day of admission just prior to starting the study. Croydon Hospital kept me in for further monitoring and I had an operation to insert two coronary stents (little plastic tubes to widen my arteries and increase the blood flow to the heart).

I remember feeling a little bit under the weather before I came to Richmond, but put it down to straining myself with a suitcase. I had no idea I had suffered from a silent heart attack. If it wasn't for the ECG reading at Richmond Pharmacology I would have been totally unaware of what happened to me, and wouldn't have been in A&E so quickly.

The staff at Richmond Pharmacology and Croydon Hospital are all very helpful and continued to look after me even if I was unable to participate in their clinical trial; they even arranged a taxi for me to get back home to Eastbourne after my operation.

I volunteered to take part in a trial because I thought I was fit and healthy and had some spare time on my hands. It's disappointing I couldn't take part and I hope I can take part in a future trial!"


Beverley – February 2019
"This was my first trial, so obviously I was a little nervous, but the initial screening completely put me at rest, the procedure was so thorough and we had a lot of time with the initial Doctor to ask as many questions as we liked. After this meeting I was very happy to participate. The actual trial itself was very enjoyable! All the doctors and medical staff were so friendly and very good at their jobs. Having to put up with 8 post-menopausal women [study related] must have been trying at times, but they never stopped smiling. I would say that participating in a trial is something I will do again in the future. Not only do you get a thorough medical, and get to help future generations by trialling a new drug, you also get a lot of time to yourself which is a luxury. Omari, Mister and Julian were very helpful from the very start, and the medical assistants made the whole experience pleasurable - Kadim, Matt, Abi, Ernest, Cherry and Jedi. Even the Receptionists were very welcoming and thoughtful. "
Anonymous March 2019
"I enjoyed taking part in a clinical trial with Richmond Pharmacology. The staff were patient, kind and will do everything they can to ensure your needs are met. I would like others to experience this, and would do it again myself! "
Fiona – December 2018
"I had a good time taking part in a week long trial at Richmond Pharmacology. I felt safe, was fed well and enjoy the free time to get a lot of writing g work done, and the staff and fellow volunteers were fun, kind and friendly. Recommend! "

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