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Safety, ethics and regulations

Ensuring your wellbeing is the priority of every study

Your safety?
Every study we conduct is in accordance with EU legislation* and independently approved by governmentally authorised ethics committees and by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Authority (MHRA), ensuring your wellbeing is the priority of every study.

Who's involved?
Research Physicians (doctors) who carry out the testing, assisted by Research Nurses and Clinical Trial Assistants.

The Medicine and Healthcare Regulatory Authority (MHRA), a regulatory government body for the UK.

Governmentally authorised Ethical Research Committees, consisting of healthcare professionals and non-medical members, whose responsibility is to protect the rights, safety and well being of human subjects, involved in a clinical trial.

For more information on Genetic Research please see the following downloads.

   The safest possible cure (pdf)

   Introduction to trials (video)


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