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Have a look through our video library below for more about us and the important work we carry out.

Who we are and what we do

Richmond Pharmacology facilities tour

Welcome to Richmond Pharmacology. Take a behind the scenes tour of our London Bridge unit and see what you can expect from taking part in a clinical trial with us.

Work at Richmond Pharmacology

Want to know what it would be like to work with us? Watch this video to see our team in action and for more on what a career in clinical research is all about.

BBC Breakfast News

BBC Breakfast talks to us about the risks and appeal of taking part in a clinical trial on the BBC Breakfast News show featured Tuesday 22 May 2012.

Drug Trials

An introduction to drug trials. Are they safe and what the side effects? Watch this video for an overview on what drug trials are all about.


Patients and NIHR network staff talk about their experiences of being involved in clinical research.

Heart failure volunteer: How was your experience?

Here we talk to a volunteer who has recently taken part in an ongoing study with us involving patients with heart failure.

Volunteer feedback from a study

We recently ran a clinical trial for uterine fibroids. Here a volunteer gives her feedback on her experience doing the trial with us.

New clinical trial: Healthy females aged 18 to 45

Clinical trial for an investigational drug being developed for uterine fibroids involving healthy females aged 18 to 45.

Paid clinical trial: Healthy Caucasian males aged 20 to 40

Clinical trial for an investigational drug being developed for respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) involving healthy Caucasian males aged 20 to 40.

Paid clinical trial: June 28th 2017

Clinical trial for an investigational drug being developed for Alzheimer’s disease involving healthy male volunteers aged 20 to 40.

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